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Quietly and behind the scenes, we make it possible for our customers to excel at whatever they do!

Rank One Corporation is the Supplier of Electronics and Computer Hardware to Government and Military Agencies:
We are the Certified and selected Quality supplier to Many Government and Military Agencies in United States. We are Certified Computer/Electronics Partners to Major Brand Companies.  We do Source, quality check, Supply, Integrate, Install and Support the Advanced Technologies as per the Client Specifications.

Rank One Corporation is the Leading Provider of IT Consulting Services
IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing are our main lines of business here at Rank One Corporation.  Under that we provide a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help our clients worldwide improve their business performance and reduce total cost of ownership.  Our core portfolio comprises information-technology, applications, infrastructure and architecture services, as well as hosted and managed software solutions at a low fixed monthly fee.

Rank One Corporation Offers Managed Hosting Services
Managed Hosting allows our clients and customers to concentrate and focus on activities that they do best.  For years companies have taken advantage of dedicated hosting for their business websites.  Whether it is due to high traffic, huge bandwidth needs or other issues, many companies absolutely need dedicated hosting for their online presence.  While having dedicated hosting is a step in the right direction, many operations quickly realize that they are essentially in over their heads with their core applications; the maintenance and upkeep necessary for their business operations becomes more than they can handle - this is where managed hosting steps in.

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