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What You Need To Know About IT Managed Services

Are you curious about Managed IT Services? Have you always wondered what managed services providers actually do and why e-businesses decide to outsource these services as opposed to providing them in-house? You have come to the right place to find the answers to these very important questions.
Rank One is a leading information technology firm based in New Hampshire that is dedicated to providing Enterprise Businesses with remote IT managed services and managed hosting solutions. Our expert technicians have first-hand knowledge of the many systems and programs with which their clients need to work on a regular basis. We provide reliable 24x7 service for your IT infrastructure so that you can worry about the other important aspects of your business. Leave all of the information technology maintenance to us! Rank One knows managed services inside and out. You can relax because we have your information technology needs under control around the clock.

Managed Services provides remote 24x7 monitoring and maintenance of your critical business applications. One of Rank One’s most popular services is that of ERP hosting. ERP’s are the lifeblood of many businesses and many companies cannot afford the equipment or the manpower to maintain their own personal information technology department. By exporting these services, the company not only saves money, they know they can rely on experts to get a problem fixed immediately.
ERP hosting is extremely important for several reasons. Companies who acquire the services of Rank One’s hosting solution see cost savings in several areas. First is it allows them to get out of the IT hardware and data center business. The upkeep of a data center and the constant turnover of old servers are very costly to businesses. Rank One will provide you with the hardware you need and house it in their state of the art data center in New Hampshire. This allows you to allocate the resources spent on hardware upgrades to more important aspects of your business. Because the hosting solution is a comprehensive IT solution, companies are able to reduce their IT headcount because Rank One will provide all the support and maintenance needed to keep your business and ERP running efficiently. Most important is we have experience in the field with ERP’s from all lines of business.

If you have any questions about managed services or ERP hosting, do not hesitate to give Rank One a call today! We are more than happy to help you with all of your information technology needs!

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