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The Benefit of IT Security and Managed Services

As technology grows increasingly sophisticated and complex, a greater amount of companies are faced with a dilemma that they previously never had to deal with: hackers. As more business began to be conducted online and large volumes of important information were being crossed over the Internet wires, it didn't take long before hackers exploited the "infallible" enterprise systems businesses run. They do this through strategic attacks that potentially expose all the weaknesses of business networks.

In this way, a need grew for IT services that could protect companies from such assaults. That is where managed IT services enter the picture. Managed services are a part of a new systematic approach to taking care of an organization's enterprise IT security needs. The management of enterprise networks can either be conducted in-house or outsourced to a service provider. For smaller businesses, it is wiser to take advantage of IT outsourcing companies such as Rank One. IT outsourcing firms oversee enterprise information system security for businesses across the globe.

When you choose managed IT services, you are entrusting the partnerships with protecting your business. In general, outsourcing your security and enterprise IT management is a less expensive alternative to paying for in-house departments. Especially with Rank One’s low fixed monthly cost structure, you don’t have to worry about us taking vacation time like in-house personnel does from time to time. Rank One’s managed IT services are ongoing 24x7x365. Their round-the-clock availability makes them the most attractive option when considering between in-house security or contracted managed security and enterprise IT services.

Protecting your company’s information assets should be a non-stop activity because hackers can compromise your network at any point in time. If you opt for a contract managed security service, you not only save time and money but you will also potentially save your brand reputation.

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