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IT Outsourcing

What is IT Outsourcing?

Many businesses nowadays are finding that they can cut their budgets considerably through the act of outsourcing. In terms of information technology, outsourcing means subcontracting to third-party firms and consultants who provide the same level of IT help and support that you would receive with an in-house department. The main difference is that IT outsourcing is often considered more attractive in terms of both cost and quality.

Difference between On-Shore  vs Offshore OutSourcing:

On-Shore Outsourcing: All the supporting resources will be located in continental US and Canada and available for onsite/Near Shore support and services.  All the security and privacy governed by Continental US Laws. Data and Privacy Secured as all the data will be within the boundaries’ of United States and Canada. We at Rank One provide choice of On-Shore outsourcing Support and Services, which is Unique Offering in this Space.

Off-Shore Outsourcing: All the supporting resources can be located anywhere in the World, Offering 24 X 7 support, with best talent available  in the world, Offering best service for the cost to our customers.

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing
Why do so many people opt for IT outsourcing as the preferred alternative?
Reduces IT costs -- the minimizing of the overall cost of the IT managed services to the business. This usually involves defining quality levels while reducing the scope and cost-restructuring. 

    • Improves shareholder value
    • Better Quality -- service level agreements are more specific and robust
    • Focused Goals -- allows companies to be more in tuned with their core objectives
    • Expertise -- access to more in-depth knowledge and competence
    • Access -- outsourced IT firms often have more far-reaching connections to industry, technology and business experts
    • Innovation -- provides the business with versatility to transform and re-adjust to the next generation of new applications

Why RankOne?
When you come to RankOne we become, in essence, your strategy partner. We are there to help you manage and operate your applications--under a mutually beneficial system. After the outsourcing contract is signed and agreed upon, the relationship will be a symbiotic collaboration whereby RankOne aims to provide you with an excellent quality transfer of services and resources. All you have to do in turn is trust in our abilties and keep the channel of communication open.

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