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IT Managed Services : 101

Are you someone who is terrified of computers? Most people have a love/hate relationship with computers because technology can be both extremely helpful and extremely frustrating. Everyone has had those days when your computer simply refuses to work. You cannot access the internet, a webpage you need is down, or your computer decides to take a vacation and just randomly shuts off. As annoying as these occurrences are on a personal basis, it is even worse if you are trying to run a business. Technology has become a necessity of enterprise business in the 21st century and many companies are utilizing managed IT services to ensure uptime for their business.
An enterprise IT department is a difficult thing to host and maintain. Ideally, employees and clients will need access to this system around the clock. Many companies have seen their enterprise system experience downtime or technical difficulties that have brought trouble to employees and clients and has cost thousands of dollars to businesses.

Many small and large businesses decide to outsource the management of their enterprise systems. IT companies that help other organizations take care of their all their enterprise information technology needs provide managed IT services. These firms’ services encompass management and monitoring of any IT applications, ERPs, databases, operating systems, websites, firewalls, and network equipment.

If your business cannot support its own in-house information technology equipment and staff, then you need to look into managed hosting and services from Rank One. They can provide 24x7 managed IT services with their team of over 100 technicians allowing you to draw from our deep bench of expertise. These solutions provide 99.9% uptime, allowing your business to avoid costly downtime.

This group of information technology professionals will make sure they understand your business needs in order to provide you with customized services to fit your needs and budget. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call right away!









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