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How to Find Great Hosting Services

Most businesses decide to outsource their information technology needs because the manpower and equipment is very expensive to have in-house. Outsourced hosting also means that if anything goes wrong, your IT outsourcing company is on-hand to fix the problem. They provide around the clock 24x7 support for all your enterprise IT needs.

Managed services providers are companies that also provide hosting services. The company that hosts your Enterprise IT systems is also in charge of monitoring and maintaining your firewall protection, websites, ERP’s, databases, and any other of your information technology applications.
If you decide to host for your company's IT needs, you need to find a managed service provider that will give you the protection and complete services that your company requires. You are not restricted to providers who are in your city or your state either; since all services are provided via the internet, you can hire a provider based in New England even if you are located in California. If you are looking to hire a provider, do your research first! Here are a few questions you should ask when you are calling different options.

1) What types of information technology services does your company offer?
2) Does your company have the most up-to-date equipment? Do you maintain and use only the latest encryption methods and protocols?
3) Can you provide me with a dedicated support team or IT support technician?
4) Can I make updates myself or do I need to call you to edit my websites?
5) Do I have to do any software updates or troubleshoot my sites at any time?

With Rank One’s hosting services we will provide you the servers you need and house them in our state of the art data center in New Hampshire for a low fixed cost per month allowing your IT budget to be consistent. If you have any questions about Enterprise IT hosting or different information technology services, check out RankOneCorp.com. You can find several answers on the website itself but feel free to contact us at any time! Our dedicated customer service team is more than happy to help.



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