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Careers for Those Interested in: IT Managed Services

The birth of the internet and the widespread use of computers created a completely new job sector. One of the fastest growing industries is that of information technology. Labor experts predict that this industry will grow approximately 20% every year!

More and more people, especially younger generations, are turning to the internet as their main source of information, communication, and easy shopping. The yellow pages are no longer necessary, as all one needs to do is type a company and location into a search engine and several businesses come up with their addresses and phone numbers. People even do all of their Christmas shopping online now! There are literally millions of web pages in existence; businesses are realizing the potential of the internet and how reaching out to customers worldwide will substantially increase their sales and profits.

These web pages do not just appear overnight, however. Information technology specialists who work for the companies themselves or for managed service providers have to make sure the websites load correctly and do not crash when several users access the site at one time. They also provide enterprise level support to business across the globe.
If you are interested in the exciting, fast-paced world of IT management services, then start your research on how to break into this industry! Most people do need at least a bachelor's degree; try to major in computer science or computer engineering. These majors are more broad then they sound; you might decide that you love programming the most or you might prefer troubleshooting issues with the internet. Regardless, you have a wide range of options!

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